ALMAR is a 100% Mexican footwear brand, inspired by the ocean and its characteristics, which seeks comfort and simplicity in its silhouettes. Its name comes from the soul and love for the sea.

María del Mar, creator of the brand, finds the vocation to create simple shoes with a great concept and identity, that at the same time, remained accessible.
This insight, along with her connection to the sea and a great love for shoes, lead to the birth of ALMAR.

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The Zion Mule, Ticla Fringe Mule and Litibú Low-Heel Pumps, super comfortable and great for any occasion.

At ALMAR we believe in the value of hard work and teamwork. In a small workshop in Tepito with no more than 10 people in it, each of the models is created by the hands of incredible masters and their knowledge of generations before them. Each of these shoes is a unique piece made with determination, attention to detail and love.