Cartografías | Mauricio Lara + SIMPLE by TRISTA   -   We visualize patterns as maps or diagrams that gather data for the construction of the clothes. We experiment with the geometric transformation of corporal cartographies through experimenting with displacement, resignification of scale and use, changing predetermined routes to arrive at different results.    -     About the collaboration:  Mauricio Lara, one of the most important and recognized designers in the country, with more than 26 years of professional experience, moves along the thin line between design and art performing successful exercises that encompass conceptual projects, furniture, jewellery, ceramics, glass, objects and interior design. On this occasion Mauricio Lara ventures into the world of fashion for the first time, collaborating with the renowned brand Simple by Trista and its designers Alexis Meza and Giovanni Estrada to propose this collection called Cartografías.                                         - Modify the pattern; modify the future       

About The Collection