Black BALANCE Healing Candle

  • Vessel made of recycled glass, hand blown by artisans in Mexico City. 
  • Eco-certified coconut wax.
  • 100% natural, therapeutic grade eucalyptus essential oil.
  • Red carnelian agate stone charged with full moon.

Element: Earth

Planetary energy: Saturn

Astrological energy: Capricorn

Chakra(s): Root

Mantra: I connect with Mother Nature to eliminate negativity in my life. I root myself to the Earth to find grounding and emotional balance.


Essential oils are 100% natural, therapeutic grade extracts of plants and herbs that have been specially selected for their healing elements and vibration aligned with the intention of the candle. 

Each gemstone has been carefully selected for its healing properties and association with specific chakras and planetary energy. Each gemstone has been cleansed and charged under direct full moon light. 

Each candle is infused with Divine Light generated from Tibetan Buddhist practice to purify, strengthen and enhance the energy of its properties and intention. 


Packaging: natural cotton bag, made in Mexico, with GLOU stamp. Includes card with product description and instructions and matchbox (30 count) with GLOU graphics.

Production: designed, crafted and hand-poured in Mexico City.


  • Dimensions: 10 cm x 8cm
  • Net weight (approx): 11.5 oz / 326g
  • Burn time: 60-70 hours

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