Simple by Trista is a Mexico City based brand established in 2011 and led by Giovanni Estrada and Alexis Meza Blocker.

The brand develops products carefully balanced between artisanal and industrial, employing expert hands to produce durable, high quality garments that project the sophisticated and dynamic spirit of the brand.

Simple by Trista´s identity is based on the versatility of its garments as well as its creative processes, where textile and form experimentation are key. The brand is inspired by and created for its surrounding urban environment, and is a staple of unique, unisex garments that are easy to wear.

S1 by Simple

- Timeless design meets constant renewal -

S1 by Simple, our classic line, is comprised of Simple by Trista’s best selling models from the past 7 years.

An inquiring attitude and nearly obsessive perfectionism make us strive to create potentially improved products, which obtain their unique character through the use of high quality materials, artisan techniques, technologic and industrial processes, thanks to our alliance with Kaltex through the Kaltex Designers program.